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Welcome to the Self-Love Collective

 a community of like-minded women who are ready to start putting their relationship with themselves on the front burner and begin cultivating a deep and caring love for themselves as they are now.

You are worthy of love now.

we're flipping the script on self-love, self-care, and self-worth.

Loving yourself isn’t for “someday when”…Loving yourself (and all that you are) needs to happen now. 


We've struggled with the idea that self-love and self-care are selfish, that they're something you can do to counteract all the hard work you do, that they are once a month *treat yourself* moments.

We've felt the guilt, shame, and all the ick for doing something for ourselves before the to-do list is done.


And we will be unsubscribing from those ideas. Thank YEW.


When we view our relationship with ourselves as a priority, beautiful things start to happen.


We learn to trust ourselves, we gain confidence, we show up authentically–without the guilt and second-guessing, and most importantly we know that matter. 

What if you could: 

  • Stop feeling so dang guilty every time you do something for yourself.

  • Release the guilt and shame that bubble up when you do something for yourself BEFORE you do all the things.

  • Speak to yourself with the same caring and compassionate voice you use with your; friends, partner, or children.  

  • Set your own standards and expectations for yourself vs. live by the standards and expectations of others.

  • Build trust + confidence in your body, your intuition, and the love you have for yourself. 

  • Truly set aside the time to dive deeper into what is holding you back from believing you are worthy of it all.

  • Count on a group of women to deeply listen to you, champion you, and empower you to embrace all that you are, while giving you a chance to sort through it in a safe space.


...let's create that kind of self-love... together.  

Join the Self-love collective

Before I dive into all the wonderful things that the Self-Love Collective has to offer

I want to share with you why I created this community in the first place. 

For a long time, I believed self-love and self-care were fluff stuff. A mani/pedi, happy hour with a gal pal, a facemask…you know, the kind of thing you do to treat yourself for having a shitty day/week/month at work, home, life, etc.


For me specifically, it was the kind of thing I did once or twice a month to counteract all the people-pleasing acts I did over the last 30 days, thinking it would help me “recover” when in all reality, it barely scratched the surface of the emotional overwhelm and mental fatigue I felt from being everything for everyone except for myself.


I basically treated myself like I was a succulent plant who only “needed an ice cube once a month” to survive/thrive when in all reality, I was more like an orchid or something delicate that needed to be tended to daily–ok, truthfully, I know very little about house plants, but you get the picture right?


It wasn’t until I left my teaching career and started my journey to become a wellness coach that I fully grasped the reality and concept that I was my one and only keeper, gardener, and caretaker.


Forever and ever.


I realized that I could continue to drop an ice cube in my metaphorical pot every once in a while and expect that things “should be fine” or I could tend to my soil, make sure I was getting just enough or exactly the right amount of sun, and I could carefully prune off all the dead petals/leaves/stems that are weighing me down in order for me to thrive (For those of you who don’t speak plant, I could intentionally love and care for myself and my body, mind, and soul day in and day out, orrrr I could continue my self-love and self-care as a panic button lifestyle.) 

In order to commit to truly loving + caring for myself daily, I had to commit to a few hard truths.

  1. Self-love isn't selfish, it is sacred.
  2. I am worthy of spending time with and on myself.
  3. The relationship I am creating with myself is and will be the most intimate, personal, and longstanding relationship that I have–so it only makes sense that I make it the best one.

Note: If you don’t hold these truths *yet,* I want you to know that:

  • You’re not alone

  • Just because something sounds/feels hard, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible

  • The main reason I created the Self-Love Collective is so you wouldn’t have to go through building these beliefs alone. 


We’re not meant to go through life alone. Not through the good stuff. Not though the bad stuff. Not through the stuff in between. It’s meant to be shared. 


That’s where the Self-Love Collective Comes in. 

So what is the self-love collective?

The Self-Love Collective is a monthly membership that gives you virtual access to; a monthly newsletter filled with self-love education, a growing library of resources, easy-to-implement wellness practices, and journal prompts, member-only LIVE monthly workshops (date TBD) centered around Self-Love and Self-Care *recordings available, a private Facebook community for intentional support, a curated self-love gift box, and opportunities for one on one + group coaching.



  • One Monthly Loveletter

  • Access to one monthly LIVE virtual workshop (date TBD) centered around Self-Love and Self-Care *Recording available.

  • Growing Digital Resource Library

  • Community Support through a private Facebook Group.

  • Self-Love Kit *not for individual sale, only to be sold along with Self-Love Collective Coaching services. 

Monthly Love Letter

This email will be filled with; easy-to-implement wellness practices and tips to set yourself up for success on this self-love journey, a monthly journal prompt, self-love + self-care education, and a monthly list of "What Kim’s Loving."

Kim Diamond Wellness

Live Workshops

Scheduled time to work in and on your self-love, self-care, and self-worth journey with focused workshops taught by Kim, certified holistic health and wellness coach while being surrounded by other women who are walking this path with you.


Resource library

From Journaling Prompts, Self-Love Tips + Guides, to a personalized Self-Love Inventory, take advantage of this growing resource library to build your self-love from a place of compassion and care. 

Resources will be added to this library frequently at no extra cost. 


time commitment

The monthly support you receive can all be taken at your own pace. Expect to take 10-20 minutes to practice self-love intentionally each week. All workshops will be recorded and emailed to you to listen at your own convenience if you aren't able to attend live.


  • Monthly Member Rate: $99

  • Pay upfront + save with a Yearly Subscription: $1,000



Monthly LIVE Workshop= $35

Monthly Email= $20

Self-Love Gift Box= $60

Access to Private Facebook Group= $5

Growing Digital Resource Library= $97

You're getting $217 of education, support, and resources for $99 per month.

when we believe we are worthy of love, we will begin to blow our own minds. 

Let's face it, loving ourselves hasn't been the priority. Our careers, home lives, friendships, relationships, children, families, and all that falls in between has been and in the midst of all of that, we've lost sight of what we truly deserve, love from within.

If you're ready to put the relationship you have with yourself, back on the front burner while you have a group of women cheering you on, the Self Love Collective is for YOU.

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