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Your purpose needs no one's permission. 

Let's take ownership of your
health and wellness together.

Hi Friend, I'm Kim and I empower women 

to start living a that is filled with purpose, passion, and a deep love for themselves.


Most mornings, you can find me legging clad and quietly tip-toeing down my basement steps (so I don’t wake up Goose–our 100 lb love-filled white lab or Hank--our spunky grunty red fox lab puppy) hopping on my Peloton bike, and getting my day off to a heart-pumping and sweaty start. 


After an evening of cooking a probably overly-complicated and possibly plant-based weeknight meal with my husband in our kitchen, you can most definitely find me curled up on the couch, hoping Goose will snuggle extra close to me while watching yet another episode of Below Deck Med, or Bravo anything. 


But in between?


That's when I serve women who are wanting more from their lives, but they're not even sure what that “more” is or how to get it. The ones out there silently struggling with self-limiting beliefs and are craving mindset shifts so they can start believing in themselves and cultivate a deep sense of worthiness and self-love. 


The women who WANT to start living with more purpose, joy, and intention, but every day just feels like another day on the hamster wheel of life–going through the motions but not feeling fulfilled. 


The ones who know all.the.things. they “should be doing” to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle, but knowing which of the things will work best for them and how to find a balance seems to be nearly impossible. 


The woman who would rather be able to show up authentically, unapologetically, and confidently herself rather than playing it small to meet the needs/wants of others.

It's possible.

You can have a life that you are ecstatic about.

You can start trusting yourself. 

You can show up as your most authentic self.


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