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Entrepreneurship can be lonely, but it doesn't have to be.


Education, training, growth, having space, and creating space… it all matters because YOU matter.

Entrepreneurial Wellness Collective

A virtual community providing education, connection, and a space for you to learn to love all of you.


You can sit with us.

Entrepreneurial Wellness collective.

Say goodbye to the days of running a business and feeling like you are on an island that simply no one can reach. 

That feeling like you have absolutely no time to prioritize your whole self (you know, the other parts of you--your mind, your body, your heart, your spirit)...let's take care of that.

What if you could: 

  • Actually implement the training you attend in real-time, instead of leaving feeling overwhelmed and worried about how you are actually going to find time to do it. 

  • Listen to your intuition to make choices that are aligned with your body, mind, spirit, AND your business, instead of taking the advice of the working world when it just doesn’t feel right. 

  • Truly set aside the time to set purposeful goals for your business and yourself, instead of constantly moving them to next week’s, month’s, or quarter’s to-do list.

  • Intentionally plan practical steps to take that will drive your business forward, instead of consistently wondering what you need to do next. 

  • Count on a group of women to whole-heartedly listen to you, champion you, and empower you to lay it all out on the table, instead of giving you a list of shoulds/could/would to “fix” what you’re struggling with.


...let's cross off some of those to-dos, together and dedicate time to work IN your business, together.  


When I first started my business in 2021, I was nervous, lonely, and craving guidance + connection in a time that felt anything but connected. I just wasn't sure what it was or where I was going to find it.

Joining this group as a member in 2021 changed not only the trajectory of my business but my life.  I joined this group looking for guidance, connection, and any type of assurance that I was "on the right track."

As a former elementary teacher, and someone with NO business experience, I knew that this decision would be pivotal to my success. 

What I didn't realize I was gaining through EWC, was a group of women, a collective, if you will, offering unwavering love, listening, and championing that, let's be honest, the world needs more of, not just in business, but in life. 


This group gave me a space to fall apart so I didn't “burn it all down” before I even got started. 


…I mean…we've all had those burn-it-all-down moments, right?


This group gave me the confidence to know and trust that I actually DO KNOW what I'm doing, and that when I don't (because hello--new-ish business owner here), I will figure it out. 


This group connected me to people I've been able to count on, not only in my business but in my personal life, when I truly needed them the most. 


This group has allowed me to learn how to be not only the best owner of my business but the best and kindest version of myself, for myself--ya know, the human me. 


And most special of all, it gave me the opportunity to lead other women, like you, to experience these same life-changing things for their business and for themselves. 


Friend, you are so much more than your business, and this collective of women will truly be like nothing else you've experienced before in business ownership...

And I would LOVE for you to be a part of our community. 

Hi! I'm Kim.

I empower women 

to start living a life that is filled with purpose, passion, and a deep love for themselves....and I know that you didn't become an entrepreneur so you could be lonely, doubt yourself, and not have any time for all of the things that truly matter to you.


It is a gift to be using my holistic wellness coaching, teaching experience, love of connection and community, and unwavering commitment to creating a life and business that I love to walk alongside you as you continue to; build your business while you're building a love for yourself, gain confidence in decision making while you build self-trust, and learn that entrepreneurship wasn't meant to be done alone. 



We will meet from 11:00 AM -12:00 PM CDT each Tuesday from April 30th through July 30th.


There will be four weekly meetings each month: Intuition Hour, Training Hour, Accountability Hour, and Self-Love Hour. 

All meetings (except Intuition Hour + Accountability Hour) will be recorded, however live attendance is strongly recommended.


Intuition Hour Groups will be capped at 7 to create space to allow for intentional sharing and space. If necessary, two meeting times will be created on the first Tuesday to accommodate this. *If this is the case, you will sign up for the time that best fits your schedule for this session.



  • 12 Weekly Sessions (one per week); Intuition Hour, Training Hour, Accountability Hour, and Self-Love Hour. 

  • Monthly access to the Self-Love Collective (Kim's Monthly Self-Love Membership, valued at $99/month.)

  • Private group chat on Voxer. 

  • One Individual 1:1 Coaching Session with Kim (valued at $197)

  • BONUS: On-boarding Training

  • BONUS: Pre-recorded training, Rediscovering the Four N's of Your Business + Life.

Intuition Hour.

60 minutes of intentional sharing and listening where we'll create space for healing and intuition-led conversations that strengthen your relationship with yourself, your intuition, and the heart of your business.


Training Hour.

Dedicated time to work in your business with in-person training and workshops led by experts in their field that will walk you through it in real-time, so you don't have to implement it on your own time alone.

Including; Human Design, Brand Strategy, and Content Creation.


Accountability hour.

Let's tackle that to-do list together, shall we? After training days, we will have one hour to implement what you we've learned in the previous week during our time together. These hot-seat calls will give you 1:1 time with our group experts while cultivating relationships with like-minded women who are craving connection, just like you. 


Self-love hour.

Joining EWC, you'll get access to my Monthly Self-Love Membership. On the fourth Thursday of each month, your live call will be a 60-minute workshop focused on self-love. 


EWC is a 3-month program. This cohort will run from April 30th through July 30th. 



  • Monthly investment: $222 each month for 3 months.

  • Pay in full: $622

There's space for you here.

Let's face it, business can feel lonely. Our work lives, home lives, and all that falls in between deserve to be honored, acknowledged, and shared with other women who truly know how you feel. If cultivating a sense of wellness in your business and your mind, body, and spirit is on your heart, you can sit with us.

Want to know if EWC is right for you?


Throughout EWG, I have been inspired creatively and professionally to do tactical things in my business — email, blog more, raise prices, alter services, etc., but ultimately, I’ve learned to trust in my business more fully — to trust in it at all. I don’t know that I did before. 


I’ve gotten to witness other strong women go through ups and downs, be vulnerable with their struggles and insecurities, and eliminate the idea that I was the only one who was feeling this way. 


I saw how my business has grown, has sustained me, has been exactly what I wanted and needed it to be. There’s always the ability to compare (whether negatively or positively), always an ability to improve, but instead of apologizing for where my business is, I’ve learned to be proud of it, content with it, and see any areas for improvement as things I would do for myself and for my family, not to prove anything to others. 


I’m going into motherhood and maternity leave feeling confident that my business will survive — it’s not just going to fade away or fall off a cliff. There are seasons of slow and seasons of plenty, and wherever I find myself in 3-6 months, those seasons will come around again. I think I’ve seen my business as this thing I can’t control, that ebbs and flows with my whims, when in reality, I have been creating and directing it all.


I’m overcoming the fear that my baby will destroy my business, and leaning more fully into the possibility that I could actually thrive in motherhood. 

-Andrea VanEssen, Writer, Storyteller, Copy Writer.

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