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Self-love collective

Welcome to the Self-Love Collective,

a community of like-minded women who are ready to start putting their relationship with themselves on the front burner so they can cultivate and foster a deep and caring love for themselves as they are now. 


Loving yourself isn't for "someday when" …Loving yourself (and all that you are) needs to happen now.

When we view our relationship with ourselves as a priority, beautiful things happen.

We learn to trust ourselves, we gain confidence, we show up authentically–without the guilt and second-guessing, and most importantly we know that we matter.

Before I dive into all the wonderful things that the Self-Love Collective has to offer

 I want to share with you why I created it in the first place.

For a long time, I believed self-love and self-care were fluff stuff. A mani/pedi, happy hour with a gal pal, a facemask…you know, the kind of thing you do to treat yourself for having a shitty day/week/month at work, home, life, etc.


For me specifically, it was the kind of thing I did once or twice a month to counteract all the people-pleasing acts I did over the last 30 days, thinking it would help me “recover” when in all reality, it barely scratched the surface of the emotional overwhelm and mental fatigue I felt from being everything for everyone except for myself.


I basically treated myself like I was a succulent plant who only “needed an ice cube once a month” to survive/thrive when in all reality, I was more like an orchid or something delicate that needed to be tended to daily–ok, truthfully, I know very little about house plants, but you get the picture right?


It wasn’t until I left my teaching career and started my journey to become a wellness coach that I fully grasped the reality and concept that I was my one and only keeper, gardener, and caretaker. Forever. That I could drop an ice cube in my metaphorical pot every once in a while and expect that things “should be fine” or I could tend to my soil, make sure I was getting enough or exactly the right amount of sun, and I could pluck off all the dead petals/leaves/stems that are weighing me down in order for me to thrive (For those of you who don’t speak plant, I could love and care for myself and my body day in and day out, orrrr I could continue my self-love and self-care as a panic button lifestyle.) 


In order to commit to truly loving myself enough to care for myself daily, I had to tackle a few hard truths.

  1. Self-love is never selfish, it is sacred.

  2. I am worthy of spending time with and on myself.

  3. The relationship I am creating with myself is and will be the most intimate, personal, and longstanding relationship that I have–so it only makes sense that I make it the best one. 


Note: If you don’t hold these truths *yet,* I want you to know that...

  • You’re not alone

  • Just because something sounds/feels hard, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible

  • The main reason I created the self-love collective is so you wouldn’t have to go through building these beliefs alone. 

That’s where the Self-Love Collective Comes in. 

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