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...not your average "Summer Challenge."

This time of year, and the months leading up to it maybe you have been hearing the phrase "summer body", "bikini body", "summer slim-down", "dropping the quarantine 15", insert some other gimmicky title to grab your attention and make you feel like you need to feel shameful about the body you live in. That's not what this challenge is. What if this summer, you spent your time and energy on things that bring you joy, that help you to be the best version of you, that celebrate all that you CAN do vs something you "can't" or shouldn’t; do, eat, wear, etc?

This challenge is about:

  • Doing things that fill your cup

  • Living in the moment

  • Finding joy in the little things

  • Celebrating what your body can do

  • Moving to FEEL good

  • Inspiring people around you

  • Connecting with people that lift you up

The last year and a half (ish) has been stressful to say the very least but I think one of the biggest silver linings that has come through for me is to make the most (and be grateful) for all that I have, to take the opportunity when it comes, and to enJOY all the moments/people/things for every second they are here.

I want to move into this summer intentionally... inviting in more joy, moving my body to feel good, connecting with people that lift me up, savoring all the moments of sunshine and warmth, eating the ice cream and the delicious fresh fruits and veggies, grilling as much as possible, spending time with people that I love, and creating memories. I want to do these things so that I can show up as my Best Self...not some muted version of me, or the version of me that chooses to eat the ice cream or not eat the ice cream because I feel that I need to conform to the idea of a summer body. I want to be the best self version of me that soaks in all the fleeting moments of summer, so that I don’t let them pass by. I would love for you to join me. Let’s inspire each other to cultivate the best versions of ourselves by inviting in more that fills our cups, to slow down and soak it all in, and to share the collective joy that summer can bring.

So how does this work? Starting June 20th...We will spend 8 weeks together this summer bringing out the best versions of ourselves. Soaking up the sun. Filling our cups and intentionally slowing down to savor it all. I made a tracker board to use during the challenge based off of all of your favorite summer things; foods, activities, your favorite summer memories, and also how you want to feel this summer. All you need to do is join in on the fun! You can join in and just follow along on social media or to get even more support, you can subscribe to my mailing list. Everyone who subscribes will get a weekly email during the challenge, describing the week’s focus; including tips, ideas, and inspiration. I’ll be giving one lucky winner of the challenge 3 free 1-on-1 coaching sessions (*virtual or in-person.)

Stay tuned and check out my post on Instagram or FB to see how you can enter to win.

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